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Placing Priorities

So many of us spend time on trivalities and unecessary things, and yet claim that we don’t have enough time. We’re too “busy”. Maybe it’s not that you don’t have enough time, but you have too much things to do. Maybe some of those priorities shouldn’t really be on the priority list. We’re busy because: We place our priorities…… Continue reading Placing Priorities

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Practicing Gratitude

We have so much things to be grateful about, and yet so many people disregard these gifts to desire or envy others’ possesions and lives. Meanwhile, others are too often immersed in their lives, they forget to be grateful on the little things that we should be thankful for. A stranger who made you smile,  a…… Continue reading Practicing Gratitude

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The Face of Youth Today

Our generation is different from the youths of yesteryears and of today.  We grew up in an entirely different society from theirs; the older youths are more conservative, while the youths today are more open, exposed to different cultures besides our own. As a teen born on Generation  Z, ingrained within us our Filipino culture, I’d…… Continue reading The Face of Youth Today