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The Face of Youth Today

Our generation is different from the youths of yesteryears and of today.  We grew up in an entirely different society from theirs; the older youths are more conservative, while the youths today are more open, exposed to different cultures besides our own.

As a teen born on Generation  Z, ingrained within us our Filipino culture, I’d like to believe that we’ve gotten the best of both worlds. Open, but not too much; still preserving the beliefs and culture taught to us by both our parents and grandparents that we’ve cultivated and acquired over the years.

One day, as I walk through the streets of Libertad on my way home, I pass by the youths of my generation, and of today, laughing and chattering. It would seem as if there is no difference, our ages aren’t much apart, yet there’s something – a gap that could never be replaced or amended; the wisdom gained through our years, no matter how small, is still valuable.

The way they were raised were different with ours; we were children molded by the pain of belt and slippers, and they of scolding; as the belt and slippers were eventually seen as too much for children in the later years.  

We were children who experienced playing out on the sun; playing with mud, dirt, and the rain and playing games such patintero, piko, and tagutaguan. That’s not to say, children no longer play these games today, but there is a rapid declining.

 Youths today would much rather play on their technological devices. And due to the their strong influence, almost all are following their example, both the old and young.

It may be, that as an older generetion, we see today’s youth in a bad light. As, we too, were regarded as such when we were young.

Youths are always changing, attracted to the trends and the modernities society has to offer. They follow the currents of society, but at the same time form their own identity. And often, those who were born in a different era or generation, see those different from them as either too much or too little; either tolerable or intolerable.

But youths are all essentially the same. The youths’ way of adapting to the physical, emotional, and intellectual changes of their growing self will always be the same. And it is because they are still growing, that the guidance of adults-who have already gone through that process, are needed.

We shouldn’t view them as the problem; they are our solution. Our only solution to the woes of our society; the future leaders of tomorrow. And these youths could only show their full potential if we support them; that they won’t be led into temptation of bad influences.

They don’t need comparisons and hurtful and demeaning opinions of other people; remember yourself as a child- all they need, what we needed, is someone to guide us.

The youth are powerful. They have the voice and influence to change the world. They hold the key to our future, and our future could only be secure, if we guide them to the right path.

The face of the youth is only a facade; their soul and heart, is still very much the same with ours when we were young- filled with dreams for a bright and better future, for themselves, their loved ones, and the country.


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