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Placing Priorities

So many of us spend time on trivalities and unecessary things, and yet claim that we don’t have enough time. We’re too “busy”. Maybe it’s not that you don’t have enough time, but you have too much things to do. Maybe some of those priorities shouldn’t really be on the priority list.

We’re busy because:

  1. We place our priorities elsewhere; we procrastinate.

    Is Facebook really that important? Will you be shutting out the whole world if you didn’t log in for a day? Are doing your hobbies that important to miss out on homework due for the next day? Is taking a nap ’cause you feel like it that important when you have a thesis or a project to finish immediately?Of. Course. Not. But still, that depends on your priorities. Maybe you haven’t been sleeping much for the past few days, so that nap wouldn’t hurt. Maybe your hobby is actually part of the homework. Maybe you have an online shop at Facebook. There are a lot of maybes.
  2. We can’t say no. 

    Maybe it’s our boss, maybe our parents, our friends, or our classmate or co-worker.Still, if you’re already doing a lot, and you’re schedule is swamped with plans, do you still really need to accept their favors? And if you think you’ll be disappointing them, just think how much they’d be disappointed if you weren’t able to do their favors as they expected of you, or worse, not even being able to do it.

  3. We’re sometimes afraid to ask for help. 

    All of us have some sort of pride and dignity, and usually asking for help is seen as “weak” or “incompetent”. (At least that’s what we tell ourselves.)But sometimes, we just have too much on our load that it takes a toll on us. Sometimes, even with proper time management, we still can’t do it.

    And this is where help comes in. Whether it be emotional support or a lending hand, these are important. It might be hard to ask for help (emotionally), but you’d be suprised just how willing most people are to help.

    There are and always will be ways. When we say “There’s no other option”, you’re limiting yourself. You just can’t see other options out there, and more often than not, these are just around you. (Including the internet.)

Where you place your priorities just speak what kind of person you are.



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