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Practicing Gratitude

We have so much things to be grateful about, and yet so many people disregard these gifts to desire or envy others’ possesions and lives. Meanwhile, others are too often immersed in their lives, they forget to be grateful on the little things that we should be thankful for.

A stranger who made you smile,  a person who offered you help, or even just the person who made you breakfast. Make sure you thank all the people who did you kindness. No matter how foul your mood is, the least you could do is say thank you.

Simple greetings even from a stranger would make almost anyone smile. A whole-hearted good morning from classmates or co-workers, offering a simple helping hand, or even a goodbye, good morning, or an  I-love-you kiss to one’s parents.

Time is not something that we have on our hands. We merely flow with it. It is not ours to control or to have. The only thing we could do is decide what we’ll do with it. And the worst thing to spend time on is feeling foul and moody, and making others feel the same.

But gratitude could cure that. Be grateful, and make them feel thanked. Sometimes all one needs is a thank you to put a smile on their faces and make their day, maybe even yours too.

It’s not going to be easy, but the smiles you’d be making and the love you’d be making them feel would be worth it.



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