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A New Me for A New Year

Every year, we seek a positive change for a better us. And all too often, before we even start or before we even get close to our goal, we feel overwhelmed with the change we have to undergo.

Change is hard. It’s frightening. What would happen if I do this? What would other people think of me if all of a sudden I become like this? What would they say? Will I even be able to accomplish it?

We’re often stuck in our own insecurities and fear. And these are what hinders us from starting.

And in the middle, we get stuck when we get a few failures. We often punish ourselves for not being good enough. People makes mistakes, yeah but it shouldn’t be this much. Maybe I should stop. Right?

No. You should still continue that positive change no matter how useless it might seem to you now.

Working for a better body and better health? Don’t stop now! Promising yourself to start something you always wanted to do? Go for it!

It seems hard to continue it for a whole year, especially with school, work, relationships, etc. But all you need to do is do whatever it is you want to start in small doses.

Want to exercise everyday but find yourself lacking time? Maybe 5 to 10 minutes a day would do. Then after some weeks maybe you could add more minutes.

Want to read a hundred of book for the year? Try reading a book for a week. Or sneak in a book everytime you have extra time; switch tv for books. There are book apps now that are free, too.

We could all accomplish our goals for the year. All we need is determination and discipline. Of course, help from people, assuming you’ve told them your goals, could do a lot for you. A lot of people like helping.

It’s hard but it all pays off. Every start of the year is the start for a better change so it’s best to start now while you still have that motivation. And then once you start, you discipline yourself to continue.

Some days, you won’t be able to do it but don’t give in to the temptation to stop. You’re almost halfway there. Starting now is a big step towards your goal but it’s still just a step. Continue forward and focus on your goal and your road; there may be a few bumps you need to look out for.

Good luck and here’s to all of us who are on the road to change. Happy New Year to all!!!


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