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Doubting Your Faith is Human

There are times when our faith is tested, and we often wonder if what we believe in is really the truth.

It makes us feel guilty whenever we doubt our faith. We are torn with wanting to search for answers and sinning- are we disobeying or disrespecting God with our questions of doubt?

We also admire the prophets that seemed to have been born for the task. We wish to be like them- trusting and believing in the Lord without doubt, always living by His word.

But we disregard the fact that, like us, they were human. They experienced doubt and fear. They felt what we are feeling too because we are human.

And it is human to doubt, to sin, to fear, and to feel insecure.

And that doesn’t make any of us less of a follower, a disciple, or a child of Christ. As long as we ask for forgiveness and follow His Word.

Doubt, in fact, could be used as a cornerstone or a foundation of faith. Because we doubt, we wish to know more, we wish to know what the truth is, and it is through that questioning, that constant searching that we stumble upon a Faith, a verse, or something that answers our questions, that enlightens us.

It’s different for all people, and we should respect that and each other’s beliefs, not just tolerate them, but what we experience that is similar in all Faiths is doubt.You aren’t alone in this battle.

Faith is cultivated and when you find yourself doubting, you are being tested. Don’t let doubt consume you; use it to fuel your Faith.


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