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A Prisoner Of Fear

A repost of my first blog post from my old deleted blog.

Fear has trapped us for far too long, paralyzing us from the things that we could have done, skills that we could have learned, people that we could have established relationships with, and experiences that we could have learned from and could have been memorable.

Too often, we give authority to that negative voice inside our head. We accept and heed the advices and the suggestions of the liar; letting fear tempt us to avoid diving into the unknown. We let ourselves stay within the boundary of “what ifs” and the “what could have beens”.

I have let myself be taken captive, and after years of giving in to fear’s sweet lies, I want to break free.

No voice of a prisoner would ever be heard outside their cell, only remnants of their memories are left through letters or tales, I’m not sure. Only survivors live to tell the tale. And I certainly do not want to die a prisoner.

The road to freedom only starts when you realize you wee a prisoner all along.

All of us are our own prisoner as I was to fear.

And this is my first step towars my escape.





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