believe · doubt · reminder to self


Hope has always been there, but I let myself get lost in despair.
I refused to believe that there was another way.
I immersed myself in self-pity.
I loathed anyone who would offer me charity.

I wasn’t going to let myself be that pathetic.
And yet, I still despaired. I believed I was one of the most miserable.

It has been that way for so long, that I didn’t realize I was missing out.
There were people like me wondering about,
drowning themselves in their own sorrows,
seeking for a better tomorrow.
Forgetting that today is the day for change.

Hope is somewhere out there.
Let’s grab it for ourselves
And in turn, afect those around us and offer them hope as well.

Hope won’t wait for you nor will it come for you.
You need to find it; search for it.

It may be in little things,
it may be in unexpected places.
It may already be buried within you.

Don’t lose to despair
Hope is always there.
Don’t give in to temptation
Look for hope with anticipation




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