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You’re Never Alone

Sometimes, when we come across something- be it a thought, idea, situation, experience, or anything, really- that we think as unusual, we usually believe that we’re the only ones who’s experiencing that certain kind of situation, feeling that certain kind of feeling that we couldn’t word, or understanding that really subtle reference at your favorite show.

But no, we’re never truly alone in those sentiments. All of us experience these things, albeit with some minor differences, but the general feeling remains true.

We forget that we’re never alone because we are ego-centric. We view things from our own perspective too much, having used our own point of view before we even realized that there are other perspectives, that we find it difficult to grasp and remember that other people-those whom we believe are “normal” and “ordinary” people- also experience things that are unusual or different from us. We only do realize their uniqueness once we really got to know them. (Another thing that shows how ego-centric we are.)

The internet showcases but a part of the wideness of the world. There are tons of internet strangers. Your Facebook friends are a large number of people, yet they’re merely a small population in Earth.

There are tons of people on Earth. Heck, the people around you may be plenty enough. Though sometimes, even though we have an array of people to choose from, we still keep searching for someone to understand us. But it’s important to know: You’re never really alone in your feelings except if you keep them to yourself.

How would you know they wouldn’t understand us fully if you haven’t tried? Of course there are certain kinds of people to avoid, but is being lonely worth more than being hurt? Priorities differ from person to person, but if you never took a risk to try, you’d be stuck with “what ifs” and dead hopes, is that really not worth taking a risk for? The chance to gain a new friend?

You’re only alone because you don’t reach out, but there are tons of friendly people on Earth. Some are wary because they too think that the world’s out to get them, yet desire to find someone who genuinely wants to know them. Some really want to spread goodwill and happiness, because they may have been through awful things and genuinely want to help others who had a similar circumstance. The rest are just people who use the internet as an outlet for their hatred.

It’s natural to be scared and to be cautious, but if you let fear stop you, you might miss having someone who could relate with you. 🙂


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