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An Objective Analysis of What Kindness Is

     We cannot know the true intentions of a person because we neither know what is going on in their heads nor do we know them perfectly well. Therefore, we associate the virtue of kindness based on a person’s actions.     But what if a person’s actions and intentions are different from one another? Could…… Continue reading An Objective Analysis of What Kindness Is

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The Aid of Social Media in Calamities

We, the people of my age and below, were born and raised in the technological age. We grew up to see the results of the breakthroughs on the technological advancement of the past, and thus are proficient in using modern technologies. Social media, being one of the products of its advancement, has since then become…… Continue reading The Aid of Social Media in Calamities

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A Prisoner Of Fear

A repost of my first blog post from my old deleted blog. Fear has trapped us for far too long, paralyzing us from the things that we could have done, skills that we could have learned, people that we could have established relationships with, and experiences that we could have learned from and could have…… Continue reading A Prisoner Of Fear